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Alcohol Abuse Rehab and Treatment, We pride ourselves in finding the best type of treatment for alcoholics.

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We are one of the best alcohol rehab centers in Glendale, Wisconsin. Alcohol Abuse Rehab and Treatment works hard to provide a comfortable place for alcoholics to recover.

Our center sits in a beautiful city that has retained its identity. We pride ourselves in finding the best type of treatment for alcoholics with the most up to date researched treatment programs.

We provide a judgment-free space that will help you learn responsibility and offer tools that you will need to have a productive sober life. We serve clients from all over the country.

All of our staff is experienced and qualified. Compassion is the number one trait, and the treatment programs are designed to be sympathetic and understanding.

Alcoholism is one of the hardest addictions to recover from because of the social annotations it has attached to it. We will give you constant personal support.

Recovery cannot be done alone, and we fully understand this. We strive to be the most caring treatment rehabs in the country.

Our staff will teach you to have hope no matter what stage you are in your recovery. Our treatment is not only designed to help you recover but also to help you succeed in dreams after the treatment is over.

Treatment and Rehab

As an alcoholic, you can feel safe at our rehab center. It is important for us that you understand the process of therapy and rehab.

Frequently Asked Question

Get answers to your frequently asked questions regarding treatment for alcoholics.

Meetings and Events

The most important thing to do after rehab is to find a support group to attend to. Greendale has a few support groups.

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Take a look on some of the success stories of our center.
I started drinking in college heavily after I broke up with my first girlfriend. I was alone and didn’t have any friends. Drinking helped me find new ones, and we would drink every day even before class. It started to affect my grades, and slowly my drinking buddies stopped drinking so much.

Mark Patrick

My drinking days made my relationship with my three kids very bumpy. I love them very much but being a single mom was not easy. At first, I was the cool wine drunk mom that all the kids were jealous of because I gave my kids so much freedom.

Anna Smith

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