How to Help Your Loved Ones

Helping someone with an alcohol problem is never easy. They probably constantly hurt you and you don’t know how to help them. It isn’t always easy to know what the best thing to do is. The following are some useful suggestions.

How to Help

  • Make sure you learn and research about alcoholism and the methods for recovery
  • An intervention can help. Explain to them that the people they care about are hurt when they drink.
  • Find out what their triggers are and try to take them away or at least reduce them.
  • Understand that recovery can take a long time. Make their recovery your focus in life too for the time being.
  • Find activities that can replace alcohol. People who abuse alcohol probably used it to cope with boredom or used it to reward themselves. By filling their time, you give them new tools to use.
  • Set goals but do not try to use them as an excuse to punish. The goals are there for you to create a relationship where both of you are working together.
  • Make sure you believe in the person. If you are faking it, a lot of people recovering can tell.
  • Prepare for your loved one to be defensive.

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t reminiscent about your memories during the time your loved one drank. Things will change, and you might miss some things from the past. You have to remember that things are better now.
  • Avoid negative language like blaming and preaching.
  • Never give them excuses. If there are consequences to their drinking, make sure they feel the consequences.
  • Give up on having a conversation with them if they are drunk.
  • Never blame yourself; it is never your fault no matter what happens or what someone says.
  • Don’t drink with them or give them drinks. 

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